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 The greatest gift is giving, what a blessing to do it for a living.
 To witness the tranquility of someone floating in my arms, melting away  their tension, 

even if for just a brief time.

 I am present in this  space, 

this time,

 this moment. 

A L I V E ! 


Therapist Who Cares

The foundation to helping another is grounded in extensive education that continues throughout a lifetime. With a  

1000 Hr. Holistic Health Practitioner Certification

1000 Hr. Aquatic Bodyworker Certification 

American Massage Therapy Association Professional Membership

and after 20 years I will be dropping my National Certification

20 years of experience including starting my career at a Spine Clinic in the Humboldt area

I believe that my training in a diverse range of techniques allows for need specific treatment, that when combined, can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Offering a variety of modalities creates a more holistic experience. Through a collaborative effort between client and therapist an improvement in the  over-all quality of life is achievable and maintainable.

Each session is unique, combining the tools of structural observation, listening to the person, and doing a thorough intake. We discuss the needs, goals and options that help to be more effective in overall treatment. I hold a safe therapeutic space with permission to feel, relax, enjoy, process and just be you. Your needs and feedback are encouraged to be expressed to guide the quality of the session


Benefits of Massage and Watsu




~Reduce pain stress and fatigue

~ Reduce muscle tension and guarding

~ Increase energy, increase range of motion

~ Improve body awareness, muscle tone, 

posture, breathing and skin circulation

~ Assists in the recovery and release of              

    emotional issues

Here are just a few conditions that have been

proven to respond to the gentle touch of Watsu:

~ Strains, sprains, fractures and surgery

~ Acute and chronic pain

    including headaches

~ Chronic Fatigue, Fybromyalgia and

    sleeping problems

~ Stress and Anxiety disorders

~ Depression, Hyperactivity

~ Neuromuscular Disorders

~ Head injuries

~ Pregnancy

Advanced Massage Therapy


Combining: Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Zen Shiatsu

 Deep Tissue

Working on specific muscles and fascia, restoring circulation and re-hydrating tissues. Stretching and joint movement return muscles to normal resting length and function. 

The following conditions would benefit from one or more sessions of deep tissue;

 * chronic pain from pathological conditions, old injuries, repetitive motion

* TMJ dysfunction

 * severe pain from muscle spasms, ischemia (lack of blood), fatigue

 * stiffness from immobility, adhesions 

Orthopedic Massage

Based on the theory of Loren Berry  RPT. The Hendrickson Method* recognizes that muscle tissue can develop a positional dysfunction which interferes with the mechanical movement of the body. The application of specific transverse wave-like strokes can realign the functional position of the tissue, used with muscle energy technique to facilitate neurological re-integration.

Neuromuscular Therapy

 Applies specific pressure on trigger points to relieve chronic pain caused by injury or stress. Trigger points exhibit local tenderness and can refer pain or other sensations.

Zen Shiatsu Acupressure

 From the Eastern philosophy of Yin-Yang in forms such as heat, cold - interior, exterior - excess, deficient as different conditions of the body. Applying pressure, toning along Chi lines (meridians) that correspond to elemental relationships and organ systems of the body. Herbs flavors, Tai Chi, Meditation and nutrition are some 

of the methods used for optimal effect. 


Watsu and Waterdance



Watsu is a registered trademark

Imagine drifting, afloat, supported in a  warm pool of pleasure - muscles gentled, mind calmed, spirit open and free. No sounds but the water, no time but the present. No sensations but the tensionless, supportive ease that allows your body to relax deeper and deeper.

The secret to Watsu is the water, heated to the same temperature as your skin. In water, gravity and weight become transcended and the therapist can manipulate, stretch and massage effortlessly with precision and subtlety. Floating in this warmth and safety, muscles and fascia are free to give up long held patterns of guarding, tension, holding, and pain. Your mind is free to quiet itself into what many describe as a womb-like feeling of peaceful nurturing. 

Waterdance is another version of Watsu. During the session, nose clips are added then the person is guided underwater, slowing down the heartbeat and breathing. Enjoying a weightless freedom of movement underwater while relaxing into motion created by the therapist. 

My Favorite to receive! 


Aquatic Bodywork Center

Aquatic Bodywork 

Watsu (massage floating in warm water) 

 This transformational experience is now available here on the north coast at a facility in Fortuna, featuring an indoor 95 degree, private, salt water, therapy pool that is fully wheelchair accessible, that includes accessible bathroom and  shower.


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